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Vision: To be the frontrunner of increasing awareness of the usefulness of
forensic science capabilities in the effective adminstration of justice and enhancement
of National security in our society.

Mission: To train individuals in forensic specialty techniques and applications to help boost
their effectiveness and efficiency in crime prediction, prevention, disruption and resolution.

1. To organize frequent workshops, seminars, conferences and symposiums fro individuals on
forensic methods that include but not limited to forensic intelligence, didgital and cyber forensics
DNA and fingerprinting forensics, geoforensics, forensic pyschology and palynology.

2.To engage in research programs that strengthen the science, credibility and acceptatnce
of forensics and forensic evidence in Nigerian courts

3. To engage in publishing of current developments in the field of forensic science

4. To help academic institutions develop quality forensic programs to foster interests in
forensic research and development

5.To engage with and help professional bodies understand and exploit the significance of their
specialty fields in forensics.

Eagloid is run by highly motivated forensic professionals who see the growth and development of forensics in Nigeria.
The team is facilitated by Isaac Israel who has proven in-depth knowledge of forensic science with special  interests in Forensic Intelligence and humanitarian forensics.
Qualifications: B.Tech Industrial Chemistry(FutMinna),MSc Forensic science(Unibadan).

Dough Onah is the company’s Director Training/Business Strategist. His wealth of experience
in Business development would positioning the company into a dynamic business entity. He is also co-founder of the reputable youth-focused NGO; Impact World Foundation
Qualifications: B.Sc Botany(UniIbadan), MSc Forensic Science(Unibadan)