The Vision

We see a future where; our nations’s law enforcement and security agents would be adept at employing sophisticated forensic capabilities and technologies in effectively tackling and solving prevalent crimes and security challenges. We would be the  front-runner of increasing awareness on the usefulness of forensic science capabilities in the effective …

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Our Mission & Objectives

  Mission: To train individuals in forensic specialty techniques and applications to help boost their effectiveness and efficiency in crime prediction, prevention, disruption and resolution. Objectives: 1. To organize frequent workshops, seminars, conferences and symposiums for individuals on forensic methods that include but not limited to forensic intelligence, didgital and …

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Our Management Team

MANAGEMENT TEAM Eagloid is run by highly motivated forensic professionals who are driven with passion to help with the growth and development of forensics in Nigeria. The team is facilitated by Isaac Israel who has proven in-depth knowledge of forensic science with special  interests in Forensic Intelligence and humanitarian forensics. …

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