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Nigerian Senate Passes Investigative And Forensic Auditors Bill

The cost of crimes require a lot to quantify. Crimes such as cyber attacks and fraud, tax fraud, false insurance claims, money laundering, kickbacks, bogus invoices and accountant fraud have negative impact on a country’s economy. When financial related crimes are committed, documents are created which record and preserve the …

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14 Revelations About Fingerprints

Fingerprints in forensics, are formed when residue from the ridged skin of the fingers is transferred onto a surface, leaving behind an impression. Fingerprints are often made of sweat and colourless contaminating materials such as soap, moisturiser and grease. These fingerprints are described as “latent” since they are invisible to …

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Forensics And National Security In Nigeria (part 1)

  The CIA is to intelligence as FBI is to investigation. Take away these two components from a nation’s security operation, tell me how effective that system will endure threats and assaults and I will tell you how vulnerable and exposed that nation is. The FBI crime laboratory at Virginia, USA is arguably the best …

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Forensic Expert Advises Against Buying Used Phones

Mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets can be used to save several types of personal information such as contacts, photos, calendars and notes, SMS and MMS messages. Smartphones record web browsing information, geographical location information, social media messages and contacts, call records, emails, voicemails, documents, spreadsheets, calendar entries, internet history, photos, recorded …

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The Role Of Research In Forensics For National Development

“Science walks forward on two feet: theory and experiment….but continous progress is only achieved by the use of both”. (Robert .A. Millikan)  Assuming the Nigerian government has a problem it wants solved, it should fund the right agency with the capability to handle such a task. This agency pools scientists and experts from within and without to undertake a research work and develops a technology …

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7 Reasons Forensic Science Should Concern You

The word “forensics” or “forensic science” may not mean anything to you but it should. You may have been familiar with the term “forensic evidence” after watching CSI (crime scene investigation) TV shows like Forensic Files, NCIS or Criminal Minds. There is a stark difference between what CSI movie actors …

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Crime Labs And Their Forensic Integrity

When flawed forensic evidence gets into court, the integrity of the criminal justice system becomes questionable. One place where forensic evidence can be exposed to bias and errors is the lab – the crimelab. Crime labs are like any other scientific laboratories but differ only in purpose or use of …

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