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7 Reasons Forensic Science Should Concern You

The word “forensics” or “forensic science” may not mean anything to you but it should. You may have been familiar with the term “forensic evidence” after watching CSI (crime scene investigation) TV shows like Forensic Files, NCIS or Criminal Minds.

There is a stark difference between what CSI movie actors would want us to believe and that obtainable in real life. For instance, a crime scene investigator arrives
at a murder scene, closely observes the victim, makes a few notes, looks at the sky for a few moments and says “she died at 3.am John”. Really, just like that?

Many people have limited the applicability of forensics to the TV alone or simply enjoy the show and that’s where it ends. On the other hand, some people expect more from the Police when they compare how some real life cases are handled with what they see on CSI movies.

It is also not uncommon to find individuals with little or no knowledge of forensics. This is irrespective of whether a person is a professor of Physics or a secondary school student whose best subject is Literature.

There are hilarious situations where educated individuals and some law enforcement agents mispronounce ‘forensics’ for ‘forestry’ even after repeating the word ‘forensics’ over and over.

A lawyer has once asked a forensic student she met in a court what forensics meant! You could imagine the surprise on the face of this student. Unbelievable! Not to judge so quickly, it is evident that what you don’t learn you don’t know. Simple!

It is one thing to know that forensics is about fighting crime using science or arts but believing that forensics can personally affect you positively is another. Now, that is the problem.

There is need for you to know that the application of forensics goes beyond what you see on TV or hear about calls for forensic investigations of monetary fraud or corruption and so on, though it is part of it

Forensics has a way of affecting us whether we care about it or not.

Then you ask, why should I bother about forensics? What has forensic science got to do with me? It has nothing to do with me personally, so why should forensic science concern me?

Can it put food on my table? Does it add anything to my name? That is the essence of this article. So let’s reason together and see why forensics should concern you.

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