Our training programs are the core of our activities. The programs are designed with specific purposes and targeted audiences in mind.

1. Workshops

These are core tuition designed to be administered within a very short duration usually not more than two days. The facilitators are specialists in their fields who bring their wealth of experiences into the training. The forensic courses in workshops are cover specific areas of broad topics. Participants in workshops are mostly professionals or employees of specific sectors.

2. Symposiums

These are short duration programs (usually one-day) which Eagloid designs and develop to bring experts and relevant stakeholders in certain forensic fields for brainstorming sessions on the way forward. Our symposiums are 40% paper presentations and 60% working group discussions.

Whitepapers are the end products of symposiums from which policies are developed and advocated for, for implementation by relevant authorities.

3. Conferences

Eagloid’s forensic  conferences are organized in collaboration with affiliates in the field of forensics to bring present current developments and latest applications in the forensic sciences. These conferences bring together forensic scientists and experts, policy makers, and relevant stakeholders to showcase their reviews on forensic investigation techniques, research and development. These are networking events for forensic firms and experts and enthusiasts.

4. Workplace Corporate training
Eagloid in-house forensic training for organizations and agencies. Participants of our corporate trainings are exposed to practical forensic solutions to work-specific challenges with clear guidelines on increasing efficiency and effectiveness.
Duration depends on the scope and nature of requests by client firms and agencies.

5. Gloid Forensics Certifications
We have developed short intensive forensics and forensic intelligence courses that equips participants with requisite skills to become highly effective in forensic techniques, research and forensic intelligence product development. Graduands of our Gloid Forensic courses would have been fully prepared immediately begin a successful forensic practice.
Duration of courses is between 2-4weeks. There four categories of courses increasing order of specialization and the solutions they proffer. Certifications are given at the end of each course. See details here.

6. Forensic Research & White Paper Development

Eagloid liaises with public and private organizations to research in areas of interest and develop reports for such partner organizations. We can help academic institutions develop a dynamic forensic curriculum that meets the present day challenges. Students would be adequately prepared to carry out strategic forensic studies with extensive human developmental impact. A partnership with academic institutions is most likely to earn students our Gloid Forensic Associate(GFA) Certification.

7. Keynote And Paper Presentation On Forensic Sciences

Eagloid has competent professionals and experts who have the requisite expertise and experience to make keynote addresses and paper presentations in forensics and security related workshops and conferences.

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