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Gloid Forensics Bootcamp Proficiency Certification

Boot Camp Certification Courses( Gloid Forensics Tuition Program)

One of Eagloid’s core mission is to train and raise the proficiency levels of individuals and professionals in forensic science. We have developed vendor-specific curricula on forensic science that will help participants employ their professional skills to help predict, prevent, disrupt and solve crimes, irrespective of their fields of study.

This course is a forensic tuition series that covers the fundamentals of forensic science with new additions such as Judicial forensics, forensic business development and consulting. GFA series is designed and developed to help  professionals  such as medical doctors and lawyers, utilize their skills in forensics to help in the investigation of  crimes, management of the most complex crime scenes, present evidence expertly in courts and build a successful business out of forensics. This is the foundation.
Who is it for? Anyone that wants to make a difference in ensuring that justice prevails in their society.
Duration: N/A
Fee: N/A
Successful participants will receive the GLOID FORENSIC ASSOCIATE (GFA) certification.

This course is designed and developed specially for individuals who want to distinguish themselves and use the skills obtained to make an impact in select categories that have influenced human lives some of which border around technology, media, military defense amongst others. Some topics include humanitarian forensics, biometrics and military forensics. Prospective participants would
be required to choose two categories that is most relevant or interesting to them.
Who should attend? GFAs, Security and law enforcement agencies, ICT personnel, humanitarian-based NGO workers.
Duration: N/A
Fee: N/A
Certification: GFP

This is the apex forensics series that would prepare participants for any eventuality besides the problem-solving oriented skills that they would be exposed to especially in national security issues. Nothing is spared for the participants to become successful especially in designing and implementing strategic and tactical methods and techniques for an improved forensic intelligence framework across different sectors of a nation’s  socioeconomic development.
Who can attend? GFPs, security and law enforcement  agents, security experts and managers.
Duration: N/A
Fee: N/A
Certification: GFS

This is only open to a select few that would be chosen to work with the Eagloid Forensics team. Participants would be exposed to several projects undertaken in Eagloid, help to research develop forensic solutions and actively contribute to most activities as may be assigned.  At the end of the fellowship, participants would be expected to give a concise review that would include but not limited to weakness and strengths and solutions about the Eagloid mission implementation. All participants would be placed on attractive remunerations. On completion of fellowship, participants would be awarded the Gloid Forensics Fellow certificate. See details here.

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