Eagloid offer a range of services within the forensic perspective that include;

1. Forensics Consulting

Eagloid provides professional consult on varying fields of forensics that include but not limited geoforensics, digital forensics, forensic experts report & witnessing, forensic chemistry, forensic crime scene investigation & management amongst others.

2. Organizing Forensics Trainings

One of our major mandate is to design and develop forensic Conferences, symposiums , Workplace corporate trainings and boot camps.

3. Forensic Research & White Paper Development

Eagloid liaises with public and private organizations to research in areas of interest and develop reports for such partner organizations. We can help academic institutions develop a dynamic forensic curriculum that meets the present day challenges. Students would be adequately prepared to carry out strategic forensic studies with extensive human developmental impact. A partnership with academic institutions is most likely to earn students our Gloid Forensic Associate(GFA) Certification.

4. Keynote And Paper Presentation On Forensic Sciences

Eagloid has competent professionals and experts who have the requisite expertise and experience to make keynote addresses and paper presentations in forensics and security related workshops and conferences.

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